TDL-40B Series Tabletop Large Capacity Low Speed Centrifuge

Max Speed:  5000 RPM
Capacity:      4x250ml
Speed Type: Tabletop Large Cacapity Low Speed Centrifuge
Temp Type: No

TDL-40B Series Low Speed Large Centrifuge
(TDL-40B, TDL-5-A, TDL-40B-II)
Automatic Take Off Cover Centrifuge
Platelet-Rich Plasma Special Separator

TDL-40B  has advantages of large capacity, low noise and steady performace, the temperature in centrifugal room only rises a little when it is running. It is controlled by microcomputer, can be operated simply and conveniently. It has the function of self-balance. It is safe and reliable because of being equipped with electronic lock.

It can be used to separate plasma and suspender liquor in fields of biology, chemistry, medicine, foodstuff, environment Protection and so on.


Model TDL-40B TDL-5-A
Max. Speed 4000 RPM 5000 RPM
5000 RPM
Swing Bucket Rotor 100ml*4
(2770*g, 4000RPM)
250ml*4(5000*g, 5000RPM)
50ml*8(5000*g, 5000RPM)
10ml*36(5000*g, 5000RPM)
15ml*24(2680*g, 4000RPM)
5ml*24(2680*g, 4000RPM)
10ml*24(2680*g, 4000RPM)
Rotor2 Radioimmunoassay of Rotor:
6ml*96 (5000*g, 5000RPM)
192 holes (5000*g, 3500RPM)
Noise <70dB
Timer Range 0~99min
220V 50Hz 250w

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