T960 Auto Titrator

Product Details

T960 Automatic Titrator meet the demand of mult complex liquid inlet automatically. There is no need to add solution manually. With the most secure built-in burette, to avoid contact with harmful chemicals which protect user security; Cloud services , connect via the Ethernet port ,to achieve the sharing between the instrument and Hanon huge database.Lead the laboratory instruments to Cloud generation.


  • Multi-Channel modular combination, combine up to 4 dosing units & 6 channels work at   same time.
  • 3 standard burettes (5ml/10ml/25ml) available for options according to different application
  • Unique built-in dosing unit to avoid the harmless chemical leak.
  • Multiple self-checking function to avoid mis-operating.
  • Flexible application edit functions, users can storage your own titration mode according to your testing and use the storage mode next time with one click.
  • RS232/USB port,with networked CAN bus communication functions
  • Can work with external 16-samples auto-sampler, making the multitasking operation much easier.

Mixed synchronous inlet system:

The world is leading Mixed synchronous inlet system with 4-channel sample inlet simultaneously, supports expand up to 6 channels. Totally automatic in add titrant, any combination of additives or auxiliary agents.

Built-in burette:

The most secure built-in burette, burette built in the instrument and can be observed though the window during the test to avoid the harmless chemical leak. Burette volume is optional:5ml/15ml/25ml

Cloud Service:

With ethernet interface,it can storage the database to the cloud server.Lead the laboratory instruments to Cloud generation.

Titration platform diversification:

Flexible to work with independence titration stand or 16 auto-sampler, multi-tasking operating through 16 auto-sampler can be fully automated, the whole process without staff to monitor, improve the work much more efficiency.

Technical Data

T960 Basic T960 Pro T960 Plus
MV measurement range -2000.0MV~+2000.0MV
MV measurement Resolution 0.1MV,Accuracy0.1MV
pH measurement range -20.000PH~+20.000PH
pH measurement Resolution 0.001PH ,Accuracy 0.003PH
Temperature measurement range -5~120℃
Temperature measurement accuracy ±0.1℃
Communication mode 2*USB、RS232、Ethernet
Maximum quantity of extended titration module 2 4 6
Maximum quantity of charging module 2 4 4
Burette volume 5ml 10ml 25ml
Burette resolution 1/48,000
Time of the burette charging 16 seconds(100% charging speed)
PC control
Electrode connector type mv/pHmeasurement   electrode   connetor、
reference   electrode   connector   、PT1000
temperature electrode connector
Auto-Sampler 16 positions(Optional)
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