SWB-2000 water bath shaker advantages

The micro-program PID control to ensure that the temperature fluctuations within the water bath to heat up fast and the minimum temperature on red.
Double four LED digital display, respectively, indicate the set temperature and actual temperature, making operation simple and intuitive.
Over-temperature, automatic power-off protection to safe and reliable operation.
Revised function of temperature controller error, make your temperature control more accurate.
Put the frame does not work, the built-in magnetic stirring tank water temperature uniformity and stability.
Shaking the number of continuously adjustable.
Shaking time is continuously adjustable.

The spire cover design to avoid condensation of water droplets fall into the reagent bottle.
There is a variety of reagent bottle rack, test tube rack can be equipped with.
The temperature setting: dual four-digit LED “Display, 0.1 ℃ increase or decrease.
Constant temperature range: ambient +5 ° C to -100 ° C
Temperature accuracy:  ± 0.2 ℃
Over-temperature protection settings: set value +10 ° C (factory setting can be changed)
Heating power (W): 1200
Shaking the number of 40 to 150 beats / minute
Shake displacement: the level of 18mm
Shake the timing :  10-90 minutes
Water bath volume (L):  20
Slot dimensions (mm):   490W x 295L x 150D

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