SW Series Soil solution sampler

Product introduction

Soil solution sampler, also called soil solution sampler, suction pressure soil solution sampler, is used to extract solutions of different layers of soil in situ in the field, and is widely used in forestry production and scientific research. For soil environmental pollution monitoring, groundwater utilization and other fields are of great significance.

Functional characteristics of soil solution sampler​

1. The soil solution sampler adopts the pre-negative pressure pumping method and the 31mm large ceramic head, which makes soil sampling fast.
2. The soil solution sucked in the tube can be extracted in two ways: positive and negative pressure.
3. The sampler can be used continuously or repeatedly in different places.
4. There is no need to take soil to decompose, and does not damage the site structure.

How to use soil solution sampler

1. The soil solution sampler can be buried in any place with a depth of up to 15 meters.
2. According to needs and possibilities, choose the appropriate sampler length, generally 15CM, 30CM, 45CM, 60CM, 90CM and 120CM.
3. The ceramic head of the sampler has a diameter of 31 mm and a length of about 7 cm; drill a hole with a diameter of 32 mm and a suitable depth where the soil solution needs to be extracted, and insert the sampler vertically into the hole, paying attention to the height of the ground. If the diameter of the soil auger is too large, the surface soil can be backfilled until the pipe wall is in good contact with the soil. If the soil is very dry, the soil should be moistened with water and placed at the bottom of the drill hole to tightly wrap the ceramic head of the sampler.
4. Clamp the water outlet rubber tube with a water (gas) ring to seal it.
5. Insert the manual air pump port into the air pressure tube port, and evacuate the gas in the sampling tube to 80-100Kpa. In the same way, bend the gas rubber tube and seal it with a gas stop ring. Remove the air pump interface, at this time, the sampler maintains a negative pressure state.
6. For most soils, the soil solution can be obtained after a few hours. For very dry soils, it may take several days or repeat the above operation several times to get the soil solution sample.
7. When extracting the solution, insert the port of the manual air pump into the air pressure tube port to release the water stop ring of the outlet pipe, and apply positive air pressure to the air pressure pipe. Place a pre-prepared container under the water outlet rubber tube. When the air pressure reaches a certain level When the time, the solution will flow out automatically. 

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