SHTR-140 SHTR-280 Oscillating incubator

● Microcomputer intelligent temperature control 
● LED display temperature, time, speed 
● Stainless steel liner 
● Speedless stepless adjustment, brushless motor drive 
● With glass observation window 
● Over temperature alarm, automatic alarm at work end 
● With power module failure, motor block Turn, Hall error, bus voltage undervoltage, overvoltage, communication fault alarm function 
● This series of products is suitable for environmental protection, medical teaching, health immunization, drug testing, animal and plant science, marine science food engineering and other scientific research, production department, is BOD measurement of water body analysis, cultivation and preservation of bacteria, viruses, molds, microorganisms, plant cultivation, breeding test, special constant temperature equipment with oscillator

model SHTR-140 SHTR-280
Volume 140L 280L
Temperature control range 4-60 ° C 4-60 ° C
Temperature control accuracy ±0.5°C ±0.5°C
Oscillating speed Start up —300 rpm Start up—300 rpm
amplitude 20mm (swing) 20mm (swing)
Bottling volume  Tube¢16×200,100mlx15,200mlx9 (Tube¢16×200, 100mlx15, 200mlx9) x2
heating power 300W 400W
Compressor power 200W 400W
Timing 0-9999min 0-9999min
power supply 220V 50Hz 220V 50Hz
Machine size (mm) 600x630x1150 1180x630x1150
weight 75kg 135kg
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