SF-1 Fast Moisture Tester

SF-1 Fast Moisture Tester

SF series are suitable for testing water in powder or granule.

Applicable standard
Corporate standard:  (Thickness tester) Q/12XQ0191-2010

Drying in constant temperature with an infrared lamp, heat being focused, drying fast.
High-precision temperature sensor, auto frequency-conversion control technology, high accuracy in controlling temperature.

High-precision weight sensor, high accuracy in weighing.
Auto-test lost weight in drying, auto-calculate remainder water after the weight is constant.
Auto-preset drying temperature, auto-test moisture, display preset and real-time data alternately in time.
Automation: auto-test, auto-diagnose, auto-alarm.

Tested Moisture Range:  (0~99.9)%
Moisture Testing Accuracy:    ±0.5%
Drying Temperature: (50~105)℃
Temperature Accuracy;     ±2℃
Weight Testing Range:  (0~19.99)g
Weight Testing Accuracy:    ±0.02g
Sample Weight:  (4~6)g
Infrared Lamp:   220V/ 250W
Power:  220V/ 50Hz/ 300W
Dimension:   (400×300×420)mm3
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