Semi Automated Plate Sealer

Features for PS-2
* Format different micro well plates and heat seals

* Adjustable Sealing Temperature: 80 – 200℃
* OLED display screen, high light and no visual angle limit

* Plate adapters allow use of PCR plate or virtually any ANSI microplate.
* Sealing time and temperature can be set by using the control knob, OLED display screen, high light and no visual angle limit.

Model PS-2
Adjustable Sealing Temperature 80~200℃
Temperature Accurate 1.0℃
Seal Time 0.5s~10s,increased by 0.1 sec.
Seals Plate Heights 9 to 48mm
Compatible Plate Materials PP(Polypropylene),PS(Polystyrene),PE(Polyethylene)
Compatible Plate Types SBS standard plates, Deep-well plates, PCR plates(Skirted, semi-skirted and no-skirted formats)
Consumption 300W
Power Supply AC110/220V±10%,50/60Hz
External Size (L*D*H) 370*178*330mm
Package Size(L*D*H) 530*320*540mm
Net/Gross Weight 9.6/12kg



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