RH2010SF-I Rapid Moisture Analyzer

RH2010SF-I Rapid Moisture Analyzer

After years of research and development Herexi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd., finally developed a new rapid moisture analyzer. It is mainly used for testing fast moisture and online moisture in food safety and chemical production.

1. The rapid moisture analyzer is a fast and intelligent method for determining the moisture content of a specific substance. The single measurement time is within 2-3 seconds to digitize the specific substance content.
2. The instrument uses different molecules of water in the specific substance to measure the different responses of the microwave at different temperatures, and uses a computer to perform quick correction calculations to obtain correct measurement results.
3. The instrument uses a computer controlled waveguide oscillator to radiate a fixed frequency, fixed intensity and matching the sample to the microwave.
4. The instrument uses the automatic feeder to send the specific substance to be measured uniformly and stably into the measuring tube, which minimizes the uncertainty error caused by manual operation.
5. This instrument uses advanced digital technology to visually display incorrect measurement results.
6. The instrument automatically recovers the specific substances after the measurement is completed, minimizing the waste of raw materials.


Range 0-100%
Effective measurement of content 0-100%
Display resolution 0.01% or 0.1%
Test accuracy ±1% or per customer requirement design
Reading way TFT-LCD number display
Test objectives Latex, milk, juice, paint, daily products, grain moisture
Develop special software to achieve fast, accurate and reliable measurement results according to the requirements of the user’s tested substances.


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