RB-1 Thaw Tester

RB-1 Thaw Tester

It is used for testing thaw of the suppository etc.

Applicable standards:
National standard( Chinese Codex ) /2015

The three net frames can be synchronously turned artificially.
Hyaline sleeve and net frame are made of stainless steel. The overturn machine is up-to-date and it can be turned flexible.
An MPU is used to automatically control the temperature.
The magnetism-pumped circular water current can heat the system evenly, and the bath liquid can achieve an equal temperature.
Temperature and time controlled automatically.
The timing at will. The present and real-time data can be displayed alternately in time.
Automation: auto-test, auto-diagnose, auto-alarm.
Indicating and forecasting when turning over at the present time, alarming at fault.

Numbers of sleeve 3units
Hyaline sleeve high 60mm diameter inner 52mm
The net frame of stainless steel two pieces diameter 50mm each 39 holes of 4mm
Turn frequency 1/10min
Automatic time range (10~120)min
Accuracy of controlling temperature (37±0.5)℃
Capacity of beaker 4L
Power 220V/ 50Hz/ 1000W or 110V/ 60Hz/ 1000W
Dimension (680*380*580)mm3
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