Q620 laboratory glassware washer used microprocessor which imported from USA.  It build in 10 washing programs, can be rapidly cleaning for Grease, biological, lubricants.

Q620 laboratory glassware washer used a circulation pump which rate can be 0∼400L/min, it can be variable frequency soft start, spray pressure adjustable.

Q620 laboratory glassware washer used a water supply device which located in the top-center of machine to supply water for basket & racks, water can be sprayed around from center of racks to ensure the pressure uniformity of each nozzle.

High quality material and cavity

Washing volume 163L

Drying temperature: Ambient to 120°C

Washing Procedure (can be self-designed by the user) :

Pre-cleaning→main cleaning(with alkaline cleaner)→neutralization cleaning(with acid cleaner)→Rinsing→Drying

Q620 Technical Parameters

Electrical Configuration220V/110V      50HZ/60HZ
Standard washing program10
Vacant program slots0
Circulation pump0-400L/min
Cleaning Heating power2.5KW
Pure water booster pump/
peristaltic pump detergent dispenser/
The number of peristaltic pump2
control system
Control paneldigital display
Display content execution parameters/
Electric door lock
Mechanical forced door unit/
Influent flow control system/
Spray arm speed sensing control system
control system of cleaning agent/
Over-temperature protection/
Overflow protection/
Dual temperature monitoring system/
Printing cleaning execution parameters
Printer interface
Drying system
Drying unitBox drying
Drying power [kW]1.5
Temperature selection (°C)RT-120
Time selection (min)0-300
External dimensions (mm)703LX725WX1024H
Inner dimensions (mm)546LX574WX546H