LW320 Laboratory Glassware Washer

LW320 laboratory glassware washer
Product Item:LW320
Heating power:4kw
Cavity volume:317 L
Inner Dimensions:572mm(L)*546mm(W)*1016mm(H)
External Dimensions:790mm(L)*780mm(W)*1835mm(H)

LW320 laboratory glassware washer adopts microcomputer chip control technology with 7 inch full color OLED LCD touch screen operating system.

A variety of cleaning procedures were setted, including 30 standard procedures(such as fast cleaning、grease、biological、lubricating oil, etc.)and 120 self-defined procedures, in each self-defined procedure, the user can adjust various cleaning parameters such as water source, cleaning temperature, cleaning agent type and addition amount, circulating water pump frequency and save them automatically.

Double circulation pump adopts variable frequency softstart function, avoiding damage to glassware caused by excessive water pressure when the pump is started, the circulating water can be adjusted from 0-800L/min by adjusting the frequency of the water pump during cleaning process.The new back water supply method with two parallel water supply ensure the pressure of each cleaning basket and the spray outlet is uniform.

Technical parameter

Microcomputer control system

7 inch full color touch screen

Chamber material: 316 stainless steel

Shell material: 304 stainless steel

Pipe material: 316 stainless steel+pharmaceutical silicone

Circulating water volume:800L/min

Circulation pump with variable frequency soft-start function

Cleaning data save with U Disk

Printer:RS232 interface

Peristaltic pump with double channel

Alarm for lack of cleaning agent


Heating power:4KW

Basket design :FL-EXCH module

EULA electric door opening and closing technology

Water heating over temperature protection

Hot air heating over temperature protection

Water pump over temperature protection

Fan over temperature protection

Monitoring water leakage

Flowmeter to measure water

Pipeline pressure monitor

Multi-layer filtration system

HEPA drying system

Double spray heat exchange system

Peristaltic pump:2

Air volume: 220m3/h

Number of users:12

Four level authority

Chamber volume:317L

Inner Dimensions:572mm(L)*546mm(W)*1016mm(H)

External Dimensions:790mm(L)*780mm(W)*1835mm(H)

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