PVM-1/3/6 Filtration Apparatus


The multiple filtration apparatus is idea when several samples needed to be filtrated simultaneously.
Each filtration holder is controlled by its own valve. The vacuum can be operated with single and multiple filtration holders at the same time.

The construction plastic(PVC)multi holder is acid and alkali resistant.
The stainless steel holder can be sterilized at the temperature of 180℃.
It can be used in various unconventional filtration practices.

The filtration bottle is made of hard glass and can sustain a temperature difference up to 200℃. The aluminum holder connects the filtration bottle and filter conveniently.

The multiple filtration apparatus is flexible, economical, easily sterilized and high efficiency.It is widely used in the fields of food, beverage,environmental research, biochemistry and pharmaceutics. We suggest that when you purchase the multiple filtration apparatus,pair it with AP serial vacuum pressure
pumps which is also manufactured by Auto science.

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