PS-390 The timer with stopwatch function

Name:   PS-390 The timer with stopwatch function
Model:  PS-390
Appearance size:   92 X 79 X 21mm
Screen size:   60 X 40mm

1.  Timer function: 2 groups (T1 and T2), You can set up to 99 hours 59
minutes 59 seconds of the countdown time.
2.   You can set memory time and quickly re-use a time setting as
memory time.
3.   Stopwatch function: The timer is accurate to centisecond within one hour,
and accurate to seconds after one hour. The timer  counts up to 99 hours
59 minutes 59 seconds.
4.   The timer can adjust the volume level of the alarm. or turn off it.
5.   Crafty design: The green light will be flashing when the countdown is
running. The red light will be flashing for 1 minute after the end of the
countdown .
6.   To place the product:
*     You can use the hanging bracket to hang it on the wall or other places.
*     The product can stand upright on the table with the bottom bracket
*     This product comes with a magnet, it can be attached onto the metal
surface of the iron box or refrigerator.
7.   The appearance of the Timer is smart, the function is strong and
operation is easy. It suit different crowd.

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