PS-368 Timer

Name: PS-368 Timer


  1. LED, red light, switch up or down.
  2.  Shake, switch up or down.
  3.  Audible, switch up or down.
  4.  M/S, max 99 min 59 second.

Count down or up

  1. Set time by the “M” and “S”, max 99min. 59 second.
  2.  Press “M” and “S” together to clear and show 00:00.
  3.  Set time, press  “START/STOP” to start or stop, switch up or down red light, audible and shake.
  4.  Count down time gets, the LCD show 00:00 and the colon not flash.  Timer will alarm, press any key to stop alarm.
  5.  The alarm signal stops while pressing “START/STOP”, or count down time gets zero, and LCD back to preset time.
  6.  Count up time start by “START/STOP” when the chip has been reset and powered on without set time.
  7.  With cyclical count of 59 seconds (or 99minutes) as start.
  8.  While the count up time is counting, press any key to stop.  Or repress “START/STOP” to start counting again.
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