PS 2468 Circular Drying Time Recorder

Circular Drying Time Recorder

This instrument measures the air-drying characteristics of paints, Vanishes,

enamels, drying oils, lacquers, shellacs, adhesives.

And other types of coatings and films applied to many types of plane surface.

According to the following formula:

Distance = Speed x time


ISO 9117-4

ASTM D 5895

Technical specifications

Cat. No. PS 2468
Power Supply 110V or 220V
Power Consumption 4 W
Ball Dia. 8 mm
Circular Dia. 80 mm
Loading Weight 12 g
Time Settings 0.5, 1h, 2h, 6h, 12h, 24h
Dimensions 140x140x160 mm
Shipping Weight 4 kg


Comes complete with

Drying Time Recorder

Metal Sphere

Loading Weight

Balance Weight

Application Manual

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