LAM-A Series

Portable Leaf Area Meter

Portable leaf area meter is mainly used for determination plant leaf, is a portable instrument can work in the field. The leaf area and related parameters of the leaves can be measured accurately, quickly and without damage, the area of the plant leaves and other flakes can also be measured. Widely used in agriculture, meteorology, forestry and other departments.


* Easy to operate. With Micro-computer technology, LCD display.

* Test many kinds of data, such as leaf area, average area, length of leaf, width of leaf, perimeter and ratio of length and width.

* RS-232 link with computer by software, you can put thedata into computer,andconvert data to excel format and print. (only for LAM-B)

Unit Millimeter, Square Centimeter
Precision ±2%
Resolution 0.01cm2
Measuring Length ≤1000mm
Measuring Width ≤160mm
Thickness ≤8mm
Data Capacity ≥1000Groups
Packing Size(W*D*H) 390*230*220mm
Gross Weight 1.8kg


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