PH-061 Pen-type pH Meter

Pen-type pH Meter

Product Description

PH-061 pH meter is a great hand held pH meter with a large easy to read display, simple operation and easy features. Suitable for many different applications, it makes testing pH easy. The meter is light weight and will fit in your pocket, or you can use the handy clip on the back of the meter to attach it to your clothing.

Cleaning of the pH electrode: the longer time electrode, its glass film it may become transparent or with sediment, and can be washed with HCL at this time. And rinse with water.

Single point calibration: single point calibration can be used when the value of the solution is similar to the standard solution value.

Two points calibration: the measured value of the solution is large, use with two points calibration.

Technical Specification

  • Automatic Temperature Compensation: 0°C-50°C
  • Battery Type: 4 x 1.5V(AG13)
  • Dimensions(mm): 155 x 31 x 16
  • Weight: 60g
Model PH-061
Measuring Range 0.00-14.00pH
Resolution 0.01pH
Accuracy ±0.1pH
Environment 0-50°C;RH ≤ 95%

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