PH-025W Aquariums pH Monitor

Aquariums pH Monitor

Product Description

  • Waterproof and designed to float, Replaceable pH electrode.
  • Digital display, reading more clearly.
  • Instrument is equipped with suction cups, can be directly adsorbed on the inner wall of the tank, easy to measure.
  • Aquariums pH Continuous Monitor with 1 or 2-points

Technical Specification

  • Automatic Temperature Compensation: 0°C-50°C
  • Environment: 0°C – 50°C
  • Dimensions(mm): 108 x 28 x 18
  • Weight: 95g
Model PH-025W
Measuring Range 0.0-9.9pH
Resolution 0.1pH
Accuracy ±0.1pH
Calibration Automatic, one or two point
Power Supply DC 6V, 6V DC (include), with adoptor

Download Brochure


Download Brochure