PH-013 Portable pH/ORP/ and Temperature


Portable pH/ORP/ and Temperature

Meter/CD Meter

Product Description

This meter is a highly accurate, portable pH/mV meter. It is one of the most popular pH meters on the market. This instrument is able to perform pH, mV and temperature measurements with a high degree of accuracy and fast response.

Users can exchange the pH probe for an ORP probe to obtain ORP readings in the mV range. Besides, the special electrode can be replaced, which is suitable for measuring the pH of beauty, soil, fruit and milk etc.

Technical Specification

  • Battery Type: 1 x 9V
  • Environment: 0°C ∼ 50°C; RH ≤ 95%
  • Dimensions(mm): 180 x 83 x 46
  • Weight: 238g
Model PH-013
Measuring Range pH: 0.00∼14.00pH

ORP: -1999 ∼ 1999mV

Temp: 0 ∼ 100°C

Resolution pH: 0.01pH

ORP: 1mV

Temp: 0.1°C

Accuracy pH: ±0.01pH

ORP: ±(0,1% F.S+1 digit)

Temp: ±0.4°C

Display 4 LCD display

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