PH-018(485) Industrial on-line pH Controller

Industrial on-line pH Controller

Product Description

  • The intelligent: using micro processing chip, complete pH measurement, temperature measurement, temperature compensation, automatic communication network, man-machine interface and other functions.
  • Anti – interference: mA output, RS485 communication and measurement circuit adopts photoelectric isolation technology, has good electromagnetic compatibility, strong anti-interference ability.
  • The multi parameter display: time, temperature, pH, mA output, high and low limit setting value and the alarm output and displayed on the LCD screen.
  • The display: 320*240 color LCD screen, high resolution, beautiful appearance, WIN8 METRO style menu, friendly man-machine interface.
  • The RS485 communication: follow MODBUS RTU standard communication protocol, multi unit network monitoring and automatic control of computer connection.
  • The industrial control watchdog: ensure that the instrument do not crash.
  • The time display: built-in clock chip, display the currect date and time.
  • The temperature compensation, automatic temperature compensation, you can also manually input the temperature, manual temperature compensation.
  • It is widely used in monitoring and control of pH in the thermal power, chemical fertilizer, metallurgy, environmental protection, pharmaceutical, biochemical, aquaculture, greenhouse cultivation, food and tap water and other industries.

Technical Specification

  • Stability: ±0.02pH/24h
  • Output current: 4 ∼ 20mA
  • Output current Accuracy: ≤ ±1%FS
  • High-low alarm relay: AC220V, 10A
  • Power Supply: Fit for all parts of the worlds
  • Levels of protection: ΙP54
  • Environment: 0°C ∼ 60°C; RH ≤ 95%
  • Dimensions(mm): 96 x 96 x 110
  • Hole Size(mm): 92 x 92
  • Weight: 1050g
Model PH-018(485)
Measuring Range pH:0.00 ∼ 14.00pH

Temp: 0 ∼ 100°C

Resolution pH: 0.01 pH

Temp: 0.1°C

Accuracy pH: ±0.02pH

Temp: ±0.5°C

Automatic Temperature Compensation 0 ∼ 100°C, 25°C
Repeatability error of electronic unit ±0.02pH


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