Particle Size Analyzer

BK-2308C intelligent full automatic wet&dry laser particle size analyzer adopt full MIE scattering principle, measure size is from 0.01um to 1200um(dry 0.1um-1200um), Which offer reliable and repeatable particle size analysis for a diverse range of applications.It use dual-beam& multiple spectral detection systems and side light scatter test technology to significantly improve precision and performance of test, It’s the prior choice for industrial production quality control departments and research institutions.

Technical Parameters:

Model Name BK-2308C
Principle Laser scattering principle
Measuring Range Dry:0.1~1200 micron

Wet:0.01~1200 micron

Channels Number Dry:80 pcs

Wet:97 pcs

Accuracy Error <1% (Deviation of D50 on national standard sample)
Repeatability Error <1% (Deviation of D50 on national standard sample )
Light Source He-Ne laser P>3.0 mw (λ= 632.8nm) life time>25000hours

Auxiliary semiconductor laser (λ= 532 nm) P>2.0mw



Ultrasonic Frequency: 40KHz

Power: 35w

Time: ≥1s

Agitator Revolutions Speed: 0~3000rpm (Adjustable)
Circulation Rated Flow: 8L/min

Rated Power:10w

Sample Tank Volume: 350ml
Operation Mode Full automatic
Optical Alignment Automatic
Data Acquisition Rate 2KHz
Test Speed Wet: <2 Min per time

Dry: <1min per time

Fastest measuring speed:10s

Operation Enviroment Temperature: 10~40℃

humidity: 0~90%

Outer Dimension(L*W*H)mm 920*440*500
Net Weight 70Kg


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