NK-106 Biological Microscope


Wide field of view, clear imaging, three-dimensional sense
Power Supply: 100V-240V
Products Passed the “CE” certification
Packing:Foam + carton


Specifications Lists

Component Specifications NK-106
Viewing Head 45° 45° inclined monocular
45° Horizontal 45° inclined binocular
45° Horizontal 45° inclined trinocular
30° Articulated 30° inclinded binocular
30° Articulated 30° inclinded trinocular
Eyepiece WF10X
SWF10X (23mm)
WF10X 0.1mm + WF10X cross scaled 0.1mm
Objective DIN 4X / 10X / 100X (S) DIN achromatic objective
Infinite flat field achromatic objective lens
Nosepiece Triple Nosepiece
Quadruple Nosepiece
Five-hole converter
Stage 110 x 120mm Simple platform
140x155mm (107) /110 x 125mm (106) Double Layers Mechanical Stage
125X125mm Double Layers Mechanical Stage
Focusing 0.002MM  Coaxial Coarse Fine Focus Adjustment System
Coarse fine tuning separate focusing mechanism
Condenser NA1.25 condenser
NA0.65 5 hole dial light blue NA0.65 single condenser
NA1.25 NA1.25 universal condenser
Illumination 110V / 22V 6V20W Adjustable brightness
Flat-concave reflector
1W / 3W LED Kohler Lllumination, Halogen Lamp
Camera Interface “C” Standard port
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