Neonatal jaundice phototherapy device


1. LED tube as jaundice irradiation components.

2. The Angle of the irradiation light box is adjustable.

3. The height of the irradiation light box is adjustable.

4. Equipped with a timer.

5. Castor is lockable

6. Stainless steel column.

7. Use with infant incubator.

Technical Parameters:



Model BHZ-001(Mobile) BHZ-002

(Incubator Mounted)

Power Supply AC 220V,50Hz, 75VA
Light Source LED
Spectral range 425nm~475nm
Lifetime of the light source 5000 hours
Treatment distance 40cm 46cm
The highest total irradiance for bilirubin Ebi max on

the effective surface area

4.0mW/cm2±10% 2.6mW/cm2±10%
The total spectral irradiance on the effective surface area ≥1.6mW/cm2 ≥1.0mW/cm2
Total irradiance for bilirubin between all points Ebi

min Ebi max measured on the effective surface area

≥2.5mW/cm2 ≥1.3mW/cm2
Uniformity G2of the total irradiance for bilirubin >0.4
Infrared radiation on the effective surface area ≤1mW/cm2
Ultraviolet radiation on the effective surface area ≤1.0*10-5mW/c2(180nm<λ≤400nm)
Working noise ≤45dB(A)
Adjusting range for the radiation angle of lamp module 0-60°up from horizontal /
Adjusting range for the height of lamp module 1350mm~1650mm /
Built-in timer range 0~9999 hour 59 minute


Operating range 28℃~34℃
Storage and transport range -40℃~+55℃
Environment Humidity Operating range 30%~75%
Storage and transport range ≤93%



Storage and transport atmospheric pressure range 500hPa~1060 hPa
Working atmospheric pressure range 800 hPa~1060 hPa
Application environment altitude ≤2000m
Overvoltage category
Pollution degree 2
Air flow rate Ambient air movement rate <0.3m/s
Other Specification Phototherapy Unit Measurement (L*W*H mm) 705*620*1350 1000*420*810
Phototherapy Unit Weight (kg) 18 10
The lifetime 6 years

The total spectral irradiance Ebi over a wavelength interval of 5nm for the wavelength range between 320nm and 550nm.

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