MW9622 Elisa Microplate Washer


①.Keypress operation.

②.Detachable microplate holder.

③.3.5’’ LCD display with back light.

④.Automatic rinse by distilled water.

⑤.Waste water sensor avoids overflow.

⑥.Suspend or terminate in the cleaning process is available.

⑦.Default setting or manual operation are both available.

⑧.The control technology for pump pressure avoids clogging in needles.

⑨.Independent storage project name and microplate shape parameter.

Model BIOBASE-MW9622
Microplate Types 48-well, 96-well
ManifoldTypes 8 or 12 ways
Wash Time 1~99 times adjustable
Wash Lines 1~12 lines selectable
Residual Volume <0.7μl per well
Wash Mode Plates or strips
Dispensing Uniformity CV<1.5%
Dispensing Channel 50~950μl, interval 50μl adjustable
Dispensing Channels 3 channels
Soaking and ShakingTime 0~999(seconds/minutes/hours) adjustable
AspirationTime 0.1~9.9 seconds adjustable, interval 0.1 second
Pipeline WashTime 0~240 seconds adjustable
Auto Wash Interval 0~20 plates
Power Supply AC220V±10% 50/60Hz;110V±10% 60Hz,50W
Package Size(W*D*H) 640*468*458mm
Gross Weight 13 kg
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