MP-10C Series

Circulating Bath (Cooling and Heating)

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Circulating Bath (Cooling and Heating)


The latest constant temperature bath system integrates the many-year experience of our company, With the technology introduced and absorbed from Germany, it is top-quality, safe and reliable. It is widely applicable for the fields such as petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, life sciences, measurement, light industry and scientific research.

1) A powerful pressure suction pump provides a constant temperature supply for the external tank.

2) It is equipped with an interface to the external water bath.

3) Intelligent microprocessor temperature controller makes temperature precise and reliable.

4) Audible and visible tracking alarm indicates over-temperature and low temperature. As well as liquid level protecting function, which all provide samples reliable protection, and ensure no accident.

5) Recorder and printer are options which can print or recordset parameters and trace variation curves of temperature.


Model Temperature Range Precision Peristome Dimension (mm)W*D*H Cubage Electrical Pump(flux) Input Power
MP-10C -10~100°C ±0.2°C 150*160*150 4.5L 220V 50HZ 4L/Min 2000W
MP-20C -20~100°C
MP-40C -40~100°C 10L/Min
MP-50C -50~100°C
MPG-10C -10~100°C 240*170*200 13L
MPG-20C -20~100°C 4L/Min
MPG-40C -40~100°C
MPG-50C -50~100°C 10L/Min
MP-5 -100~100°C ±0.1°C >145mm NA
(Control Head) <160mm

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