BK-2258 Series

Manual Rotary Microtome

These rotary microtomes equipped with imported roller guide rails and high-precision roller screws. This is an ideal device for use in histology due to its ergonomic design, compact structure, high precision, and stable and reliable performance.


* Large-volume removable waste tray on the top of housing, convenient to use.

* Imported cross-roller guide rails andhigh-precision screw motion mechanism.

* Advanced high-precision micro-drive feed system enables stable and high-precision sectioning.

* Small coarse-advance hand-wheel is close to the operator, in accordance with an ergonomic design.

* The precise positioning system is not only easy to use, but also provides accurate X- and Y- axis adjustment.

* Hand-wheel balance is precisely adjusted and locked at any position, ensuring safetyand convenience of sectioning.

* Fast switching between paraffin block clamp and cassette clamp; Paraffin Block Clamp is for Standard Configuration, cassette clam is optional.

* Blade holder can be laterally movedwithout direct contact,enabling use of the entire length of the blade. (three different segments).

* Cassette clamp can be locked at any position along each of the three axes,enabling easy adjustment of the specimen sectioning angle.

* The red bar on the blade holder covers the whole length of blade to protect the user and enables easy changing of the blade.
Model BK-2258 BK-2218 BK-2268
Function Sectioning, trimming, fast forward, fast backward, quick conversion;
automatic retraction (Only for BK-2268).
Specimen Retraction / / 60μm (on/off)
Sectioning Thickness Range 0~60μm

0~2μm increment 0.5μm

2~10μm increment 1μm

10~20μm increment 2μm

20~60μm increment 5μm


0~10μm increment 1μm

10~20μm increment 2μm

20~60μm increment 5μm


0~20μm increment 1μm

20~60μm increment 5μm

Trimming Thickness Range 0~60μm 0~60μm 0~60μm
Mini. Sectioning Thickness 0.5μm 1μm
Max. Specimen Size 50*70mm 60*70mm 70*70mm
Precision ±5%
Specimen Horizontal Feed 28mm 29mm 28mm
Specimen Vertical Stroke 52mm 60mm 70mm
Specimen Orientation XY – 8°
External Size (W*D*H) 565*440*285mm 570*440*290mm 590*500*330mm
Package Size (W*D*H) 620*530*450mm 620*530*450mm 690*590*500mm
Gross Weight 40kg 40kg 54kg
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