Manifolds Vacuum Filtration


* It is convenient to filtrate several samples at the same time.

* 316L stainless steel holder, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance.

* Each holder has individual control valve, so one vacuum pump can support operations of  single and multi-branch manifold filter.

* It can be widely used in chemistry analysis, pharmaceutical , sanitation test , water quality analysis, science research fields and so on.

ModelTypeFunnelSupport screen

& pore size

ConnectionHolderPackage Size(W*D*H)G.W
MVF-1G1-branchGlassPTFE, 20 μmGround JointSS316270*230*130mm3kg
MVF-1SSS316SS316,100 μmIntegral, SS316SS316270*230*130mm3kg
MVF-3G3-branchGlassPTFE, 20 μmGround JointSS316480*260*130mm6kg
MVF-3SSS316SS316,100 μmIntegral, SS316SS316480*260*130mm6kg
MVF-6G6-branchGlassPTFE, 20 μmGround JointSS316900*260*130mm11kg
MVF-6SSS316SS316,100 μmIntegral, SS316SS316900*260*130mm12kg


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