LX-700 Chip-Mate Mini-Slide Centrifuge

The LX – 700 is designed to dry two DNA Micro – array slides.  The slides will spin at
around 480 grams
to extract the water by g – force hybridization.  The slide surface where DNA arrays are printed is firmly harbored
without touching the holder.  The expunged moisture stays at the bottom of the holder and no splurge back
happens because of g – force.  To use the accessory provided with this product, the rotor speed goes up to
3500 rpm to generate 480 grams of centrifuge force.  It takes about 10 minutes to dry the slides.
Chip – Mate mini – slide is easy to use without any use of knobs to set or buttons to press.  The rotor
will start upon closing of the lid and the rotor will shut down once the lid is opened up.  The rotor stops
promptly when the lid is opened to avoid possible injury to moving parts.  If a less direct stop is required,
immediately push the stop tab and leave the lid closed until the rotor comes to a smooth stop.
It is dependable and designed with the durability in mind.
It has components for assisted stop tabs ,strong joint support and a wide base for strong balance.

High quality, fashionable and small by design.
Centrifuge will start immediately and is safe to use.
Dries two DNA Micro-array slides in 10 seconds
Slide surface protection.
No splashing back of the moisture.

Power:       220/230/240V 50/60HZ,1A
Frequency:       3500rpm(±20%)
Centrifuge force:            310 – 690 g (average 480 x g)
Accessory:       2 slides
Dimensions:       155×175×125mm

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