LVO-6050LC Seires Vacuum Drying Oven

LVO-LC Vacuum Drying Oven


★Microprocessor controller with LCD display, more accurate and reliable.
★Polished stainless steel chamber,durable and easy to clean.
★ Tempered, bullet-proof double glass door ensure the safety of operator and clear observation of the chamber.
★ Door tightness can be adjusted,silicon sealing. To keep vacuum states in the chamber, can fill working chamber with inert gas (inflation pressure≦ 0.1 MPa).
★ Storage, heating, testing and drying can be performed in the environment without oxygen or in an inert atmosphere. It will not cause oxidation.
★Vacuum degree is full-automatic controlled by microcomputer
★ Equipped with leakage protection.(LVO-6050LC)

1. Multi-segment programmable control
2. Built-in printer
3. RS485 interface
4. Inert gas inlet valve
5. Vacuum pump(LVO-6050LC)


Model LVO-6050LC LVO-6090 LC LVO-6210 LC
Power Supply AC 220V, 50Hz
Power Rating(KW) 1.4 1.6 2.2
Temperature Range(℃) RT+10~250 RT+10~200
Temperature Fluctuation ±1℃
Display Resolution  0.1℃
Vacuum Degree <133 Pa
Chamber Size (W×D×H)cm 42×35×37 45×45×45 56×60×64
Exterior Size


53×56×137 61×66×145 72×82×175
Package Size (W×D×H)cm 70×66×155 78×76×163 89×92×193
Net/Gross(kg) 75/106 90/145 145/195
Shelf 2 2 3
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