LH-BOD601S BOD Analyzer

National standard intelligent and safety BOD measuring instrument LH-BOD601S

Five-day culture method according to national standards (HJ 505-2009). Simple, safe and reliable mercury-free pressure sensing method (breathing) measures water BOD, fully simulates the natural biodegradation of organic matter, leading in international manufacturing process design, top-level functional configuration, intelligent design, unattended, automatic recording and measurement process Print data, bid farewell to mercury poisoning caused by mercury leak, is a specialized analytical laboratory for BOD professional water quality analysis instrument.


1,Mercury-free differential pressure method, no mercury pollution, and accurate and reliable data.
2,Can measure 1-6 samples without conversion, directly display the BOD concentration value.
3,Each test cap has a color liquid crystal display, which independently displays test time and measurement results, sample amount, etc.
4,Wide range of measurement range, and optional, you can choose to measure the BOD value of 0-4000mg/L without dilution.
5,The test individual is independent and can determine the start time of a single sample at any time.
6,You can view current experimental data and historical data of BOD on the 5th.
7,The microprocessor control system is used to automatically complete the measurement process without the need for special care.
8,The setup can be completed with a simple button press, and the water sample can be bottled according to the volume set by the range to complete the test.
9,Equipped with all reagents and accessories required for the experiment, and equipped with a series of overflow bottles for accurate and fast sampling.



Instrument name

Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD5) Instrument

Instrument model


Measurement range


Measuring error


Cycle length

5/7 days

Measure amount


Culture bottle volume


Data storage

20 years


USB transmission, infrared transmission (optional)

Culture temperature


Working power


Rated power


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