LH-BOD601X BOD Meter/Biochemical Oxygen Demand BOD Meter

Biochemical Oxygen Demand BOD Meter

Product Introduction

According to the national standard(HJ 505-2009)5 Day culture method. Simple, safe and reliable mercury pressure sensing method (breathing) measuring water BOD,Fully simulate the natural biodegradation of organics,The manufacturing process design leading international,the industry’s top function configuration, design of intelligent,The determination process of unattended, automatic record and print data,Goodbye to the mercury poisoning caused by the leakage of mercury column,Is a specially tailored Instrument Analysis Laboratory for water quality analysis BOD professional.

Technical Parameters

mainframe Instrument name Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD5) Instrument
Instrument model LH-BOD601X
Measurement range 0-4000mg/L
Measuring error ±5%
Record interval 6 minutes – 3 hours/time
Cycle length 1-30 days
Measure amount 6
Culture bottle volume 580ml
Data storage 20 years
Communication USB transmission, infrared transmission (optional)
Culture temperature 20±1
Working power 110-230V  50-60HZ
Rated power 24W

Functional characteristics

(01) At the same time can be measured in a sample of 6;

(02) Automatic daily print data;

(03) Color liquid crystal display screen, the sample values with different colors, intuitive and clear;

(04) Has a plurality of stirring mode (batch, continuous), prolong the service life of the instrument;

(05) The culture period can be adjusted according to the demand, can choose 1-30 days;

(06) To view the test process and the test data, no historical data;

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