KDM-A Heating Mantle, Laboratory Heating Mantle

Heating Mantle, Laboratory Heating Mantle

KDM-A Laboratory Digital Heating Mantle, Laboratory Heating Mantle
 Product Description: 
Sus thermostatic laboratory hot plate and heating mantle, uniform heating, energy saving, safe to use, non-deforming top plate, anti-corrosion, Various models available.
1. Easy to operate, with large capacity, steady performance. Applicable for blood serum and plasma separation in laboratories.
2. As a manufacturer, we can offer most reasonable prices
3. More than over 20 year’s history that we will provide products with high quality
4. Reliable and experienced delivery agent
5. We can develop according to customer’s samples or drawings.


Specifications of KDM-A Laboratory Digital Heating Mantle
Power Supply: AC 220V/380V/380V
Heating power: 200W/400W/600W/800W/1000W
Capacity: 250ml/500ml/1000ml/2000ml/3000ml
Digital display: Yes
Temperate adjustable, easy to operate, high quality.

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