KD-TS3D1 Automated Tissue Processor


  • Imported high-quality parts, smooth operation, low noise, ergonomic design
  • Integrated high-quality LCD screen with intuitive bilingual (Chinese/English) software offers a clear display and simple operation; window-scrolling/flipping human-machine conversation interface provides clear instructions for each step (online help)
  • Fully intelligent design, enabling timely determination and automatic recovery from an abnormal event
  • Real-time visual simulation with icons displays working status dynamically, clearly and intuitively
  • Green inner-cycling air purification system to efficiently adsorb and remove poisonous gas; well-sealed gas-effluxion mechanism to effectively improve the operational environment, environmentally-friendly and safe
  • This system can be automatically started at any time as programmed
  • Processing duration is automatically calculated and displayed on the screen, allowing user to make a more efficient work plan
  • 20 editable programs can be stored in the system
  • Manual adjustment can be conducted anytime during the programmed automatic operation; afterwards, the system automatically enters the programmed operation
  • Automated fan control: Stays ‘on’ all the time when the specimens are not submerged in cup and 10 seconds every minute when the specimens are submerged in cup and processing
  • Automated light control: stays ‘on’ all the time during programming. stays ‘off’ during the automatic operation and can be automatically turned ‘on’ anytime by touching the screen or any key and stays ‘on’ for 2 minutes.
  • Internal dry heating mechanism with high-precision temperature control: Automatically determines the time of heating for energy efficiency
  • Low-energy-consuming control circuit with power protection function: When a power outage occurs, the screen displays as normal with a scrolling bar demonstrating the ‘on’ status of the power protection system
  • Battery backup with more than 30 hours of running power
  • Approximately 150 tissue samples can be processed at the same time

Technical Specifications

Capacity of Each Cup 2000 ml
Temperature Range  RT – 80℃
Temperature Control Precision  ±1℃
Length of Processing Time in the Cup Any length for the first cup (Extended Time) Any length between 0 and 24 hours for the 2nd to 12th cup
Dripping Time: Adjustable between 10s and 60s  shake/drip function above cup
Frequency of Agitation Adjustable within 0 – 6 times/minute
Tissue Protection Station  any station from the 1st to 7th station as preset
Working Voltage AC220V±10% 50Hz (standard model)AC110V±10% 60Hz
Power 500 W
Dimensions 1165×465×535mm (W×D×H)
Net weight 85kg


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