JY10000E High-Voltage Power Supply

Technical specifications

Type of Output:  Constant-Voltage, Current or Power

Increment:  1V, 1mA, 1W

Output Range: 20–10000V, 1–3500μA, 1–35W.

Timer Range: 1min~99hr, 59min

V-hr Range: 1~99999V-hr/ Increment 1V-hr

Display: LCD display with backlight

Output jacks: Four sets of output jacks


Characteristic feature

Touch keys, dual core microprocessor intelligent control;

• 0-9 digital button, make the operation more simple and convenient;

• Indicate the preset value and the actual output value at the same time;

• It can store 100 electrophoresis methods;

• With automatic memory function;

• With step-by-step control function (editable 10 groups, each group of up to make 10 program automatic connection operation);

• With a pause control function (including real-time tuning)

• With standard, timing, V-hr, step-by-step operation function;

• With constant voltage, constant current, constant power, misoperation, fault intelligent prompt functions;

• Automatic detection of no-load, over-load, short circuit, rapid resistance change, ground leak and system overheating.

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