JY-CX1B Nucleic Acid Sequencing

JY-CX1B Nucleic Acid Sequencing

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Technical specifications

Glass plate size(W×L):  200×450 mm

Gel Size(W×L):  180×420 mm

Gel thickness:  0.4mm

Gel amount: 1 pc

Sample volume:  (0.4mm)32,39wells

Buffer Volume:  ~ 500ML

Dimension(L×W×H):  310×230×500mm

Net weight: 11kg


Characteristic feature

• Simple operation, only four fastening knobs needed.

• 50% buffer savings compared to traditional tanks.

• Unfolded electrodes make the repair and parts replacement easy and quick.

• Special heat dissipation processed aluminum plate firmly clings to the gel plates, which effectively guarantees the gel temperature is even, ensuring the electrophoresis trip is straighter.

• Abundant buffer not only guarantees cooling effects but also keeps the pH Value stable during the whole experiment process.

• Auto-switch-off when the lid is removed.

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