JC-1000A Automatic Winch and JCK-1 Winch Controller are specially designed for borehole measurement in the field. It is used for lifting up and lowering down the probe. It has functions of automatic/manual, constant speed control, point measuring/continuously measuring, automatic depth correction, depth mutation alert. It can meet requirements of standard DZ/T 0196.8-1997 in the geological industry of the People’s Republic of China. It is suitable for the boreholes in geology, metallurgy, coal field, oil field and engineering.  It has special superiority in measuring deep holes.
I. Main technical features
1. Functions: Automatic/manual, constant speed control, point measuring/continuously measuring automatic depth correction.
2. High automation. The constant speed control can meet Class A in standard DZ/T 0196.8-1997.
3. Automatically break after an outage. Automatic stop protection when depth mutation occurs.
4. It has automatic brake function when using hand-cranking. Humanized.
5. LCD display. It shows information in real time.
II. Main technical specifications
1. JC-1000A Automatic Winch
⑴ Speed range:(0~30)m/min
⑵ Depth range:(0~1000)m
⑶ Control mode:  JCK-1 Winch Controller
⑷ Working temperature:(-10~70)℃
⑸ Power supply: AC(220±10%)V,50Hz
⑹ Motor power: 1100W
⑺ Net weight: 110Kg(cable is not included)
⑻ Dimension:  860 mm×600 mm×700 mm
⑼ Cable: 1000m(Diameter:6.5mm)
2. JCK-1 Winch Controller
⑴ Speed range:(0~30)m/min. Automatic or manual.
⑵ Constant speed range:(0.5~20)m/min. Bias is ±5%
⑶ Depth range:(0~9999.99)m,bias ≤±0.4‰
⑷ Control mode: Automatic, manual and verification
⑸ Control direction: Up and down.
⑹ Measuring mode:  Point or continuous.
⑺ Signal: RS232 or pulse signal.
⑻ Working temperature:(-10~55)℃
⑼ Power supply: AC220V±10%,50Hz

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