ICP-6810 Inductively Coupled Plasma Emission Spectrometer

Wavelength Range: 320~1000nm
Band Width: 2nm
Wavelength Accuracy: ±0.5nm

RFPower technical parameter

  • RFPower technical parameter
  • Circuit type: solid-state RF power supply, with function of automatch
  • Frequency: 27.12MHz±L0.05%
  • Frequency Stability: ≤0.1%
  • Power Output: 800W—1500W
  • Power Output Stability: <0.3%
  • Escaped RF radiation: 30cm away from the instrument, electric field: E < 2V/m

Sampling System Technical Parameter

  • Output working coil inner diameter : 25mm
  • Torque tube: Three concentric, external diameter 20mm
  • Coaxial nebuIizer:Outer diameter 6mm
  • Double barrel atomizing chamber: Outer diameter 34mm

Gas Flow Controls

  • Plasma Argon Flowmeter: (100-1000) L/h (1.6-16L/min)
  • Auxiliary Argon Flowmeter: (10-1000) L/h (0.16-1.6L/min)
  • Carrier Argon Flowmeter (10-1000) L/h (0.16-1.6L/min)
  • Pressure Maintaining Valve (0-0.4MPa)
  • Cooling Water: Temperature: 20-25°C, Rate of FIow»5L/min, Hydraulic Pressure>0.1MPa

Technical index of spectrometer

  • Grating:Middle step grating,52.67 Ip/mm,64 sparkle angle
  • Wavelength range:160-1000 nm.
  • Numerical aperture:F≤ 8, ultra-high luminous flux to ensure the detection limit and sensitivity of the instrument
  • Resolution:< 0.0065nm@200nm
  • Astigmatism: Equivalent background concentration of 10000 ppm Ca solution at As189.042 nm <2 ppm
  • Light chamber:Precision constant temperature,35+0.1°C,Distributed nitrogen purging, normal purging 1.8L/min, fast purging 3.8L/min

Testing device technical specifications

  • Detector:CID
  • Target Sizex27.6mm x27.6mm,1024×1024 addressing detection units
  • Reading mode:Non-destructive read (NDRO), full reading (FF) and arbitrary read integral (RAI)


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