Hydrothermal Synthesis Autoclave Reactor 304 Stainless Steel High-Pressure Digestion Tank with PTFE Lining

* High pressure digestion tank, also known as digestion, pressure vessel, hydrothermal synthesis reactor, digestion tank, polytetrafluoroethylene autoclave, is the use of tanks in acid or alkali environment and high temperature high pressure sealed to achieve the purpose of rapid digestion of insoluble material
* Uesd for digestion of heavy metal, pesticide residues, food, water, mud, rare earth products, organic matter etc
* Maximum temperature: 220 degrees, Security temperature: 200 degrees
* Maximum pressure: 3Mpa

Working Temperature: ≤220°C;Working Pressure: ≤3MPa (Pressure Gauge);Heating and Cooling Rate: ≤5°C/min
Specification:25ml,50ml,100ml,150ml,200ml,250ml,300ml,400ml,500ml, 1000ml.Also we can offer customized size according to users’ need.
Top Temperature: 240-300 ℃

Main Characteristic:
1. Using high-quality 0Cr18Ni9Ti nonmagnetic stainless steel.
2. The kettle body and the cover are sealed by a durable, reliable sealing structure, the sealing effect could be long-term stable without leakage.
3. Complete PTFE material liner, with excellent acid resistance and alkali resistance.
Briefly describe:
(1)Beautiful shape
(2)Reasonable structure
(3)Easy to operation
Stainless Steel High Pressure Digestion Tank Hydrothermal Synthesis Reactor is used in catalysis, crystal, polymer and other experiments, it adopts the external heating mode.
In order to reduce the size, and be suitable for sevral reaction kettles working at the same time and same reaction temperature (for example, put sevral reactors inside the oven for heating), special models can be customized.