HND-B15 Series Water-Jacket Incubator (with forecd convection)

HND-B15 Series Electrothermal Thermostatic Drying Oven (with forced convection)

Application and Property
The maximum working temperature of the Electrothermal Constant-temperature Dry Box is 300℃. The Dry Box can be used to bake, dry, and carry out heat treatment or other heating processes for the test specimens in various industries and laboratories. (The Dry Box cannot be used for the materials contain volatile substance as these materials may cause explosion in the box).
The working temperature can be set within the range from the room temperature to the maximum temperature and kept at a constant level through the automatic control system of the Dry Box.
The Model Dry Box is capable of keeping the temperature of the chamber uniform through the convective flow created by the change of the proportion of cold and hot air.
With the accurate construction of the instrument and the precise and sensitive temperature control system, the Dry Box can be widely used in the factories and scientific research institutions.

Explanation on the Structure
The Dry Box is made from thin steel plates. It is furnished with a working chamber with layers of plates for placing the test specimens. The plates can be removed to make more space for the big test specimens. A thermal insulation layer made from silicon cotton or Pearl stone is used to fill the space between the working chamber and the canopy of the Dry Box. A glass door or sight window is installed for the user to watch the working conditions inside of the chamber.

The LED Display Digital Temperature Controller is installed in the Dry Box to control the working temperature. A thermocouple is extended to the working chamber to accurately measure the temperature. All of the electric types of equipment including the controller and the electric heater etc. are controlled by the instruments. A side door is installed in the console cabinet, which can be easily removed for inspection or repair.


Model Power Supply Temperature Range Temperature
Power Work Room
HND-B15 AC 220V/110V
50-300°C ± 1°C 400W 250*250*250mm
HND-B42 AC 220V/110V
50-300°C ± 1°C 600W 350*350*350mm
HND-B70 AC 220V/110V
50-300°C ± 1°C 1000W 450*350*450mm
HND-B136 AC 220V/110V
50-300°C ± 1°C 1200W 550*450*550mm
HND-B225 AC 220V/110V
50-300°C ± 1°C 1500W 600*500*750mm

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