DH-45L Series High Precision Constant Temperature Incubator

High Precision Constant Temperature Incubator

High precision bacterial microbial incubator.


  • The double door structure adopts high quality glass, easy to observe samples, the outdoor with magnetic strip is easy to be opened and closed, good sealing, open door power-off function.
  • Standard lights, UV lamps, with breeze circulation fan, 485 communication interface.
  • Independent temperature limiter: imported mechanical temperature limiter, set the workroom limited temperature.

Main Technical Parameters:

Model DH-45L DH-65L DH-125L DH-210L
Cycle Mode Breeze circulation
Tem. Range RT +5-65°C
Tem. Resolution Ratio 0.1°C
Tem. Motion ± 0.5°C
Tem. Uniformity ± 0.8°C
Inner Chamber Mirror stainless steel
Outer Shell Cold rolling steel electrostatic spraying exterior
Insulation layer High quality foam board
Heater Mica electrothermal film
Power Rating 0.25kW 0.25kW 0.5kW 0.6kW
Exhaust hole Φ 28mm top (with function of test hole)
Tem. control mode PID Intelligent
Tem. setting mode Touch button setting
Tem. display mode Measuring temperature: LCD upper row; Setting temperature: the lower row
Timer 0-9999 min ( with timing wait function )
Operation function Fixed temperature operation, timing function, auto stop
Additional function LED Floodlight, Sensor deviation correction, temperature overshoot self-tuning,
power-off parameter memory
Sensor PT100
Safety device Mechanical independent temperature limiter, over temperature sound-light alarm
Inner Chamber size(W*L*H)(mm) 350*350*350 400*350*450 500*450*550 600*580*600
Exterior size (W*L*H)(mm) 525*480*620 575*480*720 675*580*820 775*710*870
Packing size (W*L*H)(mm) 605*572*775 655*572*875 755*672*975 855*802*1025
Volume 45L 65L 125L 210L
Shelf number 7 9 13 14
Load per rack 15kg
Shelf space 35mm
Supply (50/60HZ) Current rating AC220V/1.1A AC220V/1.1A AC220V/2.3A AC220V/2.7A
NW/GW (kg) 27/30 32/35 45/49 58/63
Shelf 2
Shelf frame 4
Optional accessories Shelf, USB interface, printer, recorder, External Communication, remote control,
wireless SMS alarm
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