HN200 Sample Concentrator

HN200 Sample Concentrator is mainly used in theconcentration of samples in batches, such as drug screening, hormone analysis, liquid/gas phase, as well as mass spectrum analysis.
The use of sample concentration instead of the commonlyused rotary evaporimeter for concentration, can have simultaneous concentration of dozens of samples, which can short the sample preparation time greatly, and has the advantages of time-saving, easy operation and fast.
  • Sample visualization.
  • Module optional, with 5ml /12 hole, 5ml /24 hole, 20ml /12 hole, 20ml / 24 hole.
  • Automatic fault detection and alarming.
  • Built-in over-temperature protection device.
  • Flow-meter pressure reducing valve is optional.

Technical Data

Temperature range Room temperature +5℃~180℃
Heating time ≤30min(from 40℃ to 180℃)
Temperature accuracy ±0.5℃(40-100℃)
Display accuracy 0.1
Display mode LED display
Nitrogen flow 0-10L/min
Nitrogen pressure ≤0.1MPa
Dimensions 280mmX240mmX500mm


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