High-precision Solid and Liquid Densimeter


It is suitable for the field of quality management, cost control, new materials researching, scientific academies, researching

key laboratories, quality inspection, etc.

Any form of solid could be measured, including objects of hydroscopicity, non-absorbency, high-viscosity.

Measurement of special liquid such as volatile liquid, corrosivity liquid, strong acid and strong alkali liquid need optional

accessory DE-20B anti corrosive liquid measuring assembly.


* Automatically check whether density is qualified or not and prompt alarm.

*Automatic zero tracking, buzzer warning, and overload warning.

*Function of solution compensation: necessary if liquid other than water is used as a medium for measuring.

*RS-232C is included.

Model BK-DMH120D BK-DMH300D
Capacity 0.001~120g 0.005~300g
Density Resolution 0.0001g/cm3 0.001g/cm3
Density Range 0.0001~99.9999g/cm3 0.001~99.999g/cm3
Measuring Time About 5s
Solid Mode Measuring Principle Archimedes principle
Measurable Items Density of general non-absorbency solid.  Density of porosity materials. Oil length of

oil bearing. Porosity of porosity materials. DIN volume abrasion loss of rubber.

Powder density. Water absorption rate.

Specific Gravity Unibody injection forming professional specific gravity measurement frame

Size: 135*50*116mm (L*W*H)

Measuring Frame Measuring Tank Unibody injection forming transparent professional measuring tank

Size: 169*98*83mm (L*W*H)

Mixed Material




Automatically read the percentage of the main material in composite

which consist of two materials

Setting Freely set the density value of main material and subordinate material
Display Density value, percentage of main material


Measuring Principle Archimedes principle displacement method
Weight Value Data


3 groups
Specific Gravity

Measuring Frame

Stainless steel specific gravity measuring frame
Result Display Density and Baume value
Result Testing Method Distilled water testing
Calibration Mode Auto correction, auto detection.
Standard Accessories Common Use: Tweezer, thermometer, 100G weight, windshield, power transformer.

Solid Use: Tank, testing board, a set of particle measuring assembly, a set of floating

body measuring assembly.

Liquid Use: Measuring plate, measuring frame, DE-20A standard liquid measuring assembly

Optional Accessories DE-40 printer, DE-20B anti corrosive liquid measuring assembly
Power Supply AC110/220V±10%, 50/60Hz
Package Size(W*D*H)mm 450*200*360
Gross Weight(kg) 4.5


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