H/T18MM Tabletop High Speed Centrifuge

Max Capacity: 4x100ml
Max Speed:18500RPM
Speed Type: Tabletop High Speed Centrifuge
Temp Type: No

It can separate samples at high speed and separate samples at high capacity. It can be equipped with 13 rotors, and can also be equipped with a variety of adapters. One machine can be used to meet the diverse needs of customers. Among them, 6×50mL angle rotors are widely used in various fields.

This series of centrifuges can be widely applied for tests featured by a small quantity of samples,a big number of procedures,large centrifuge force,and low requirements on temperature,including those performed by labs in such fields as biochemistry,genetic engineering,forestry,food and health as well as hospitals and other scientific research organizations.


  1. The design of the whole machine is in line with the ergonomics.With a complete steel structure and a stainless steel centrifuge cavity,it is safer,better looking and more efficient.
  2. With TFT true-color LCD wide-screen touch monitor featured by intelligent control,easy and convenient operation,a touch panel and a simultaneous indication of both the set parameters and operation ones.
  3. Driven by a variable-frequency brushless motor to achieve quite and clean operation.
  4. With a dedicated key indicating the centrifugal force.
  5. With a motor gate lock mute mechanical & electrical integration.Designed with a shock absorber to reduce vibration and achieve smooth running.
  6. Rotors and adapters can be tailor-made according to customer’s requirements.
  7. Functions can be customized according to customer’s needs,man-machine interaction is direct and pragmatic.
  8. Can store 20 user programme.
Model H/T18MM
Max Speed(r/min) 18500
Max RCF(×g) 23610
Max capacity 6×50ml
Time range 0-99h59min
Programme 20
Total power 350w
Noise ≤65dB
Power AC220V 50Hz
weight 35kg
Dimension(L×W×H) 500×440×330mm


H/T1818MM       Capacity Speed(r/min) RCF(×g)
12×1.5/2.0ml 18500 23610
Angle rotor 18×1.5/2.0ml 15000 17770
24×1.5/2.0ml 14000 18220
10×5ml 14000 13520
8×15ml 14000 12340
12×10ml/5ml 12000 13400
6×50ml 11000 11610
6×50ml 6000 3460
12×10ml 4000 2330
Swing rotor 2×2×48 hole 3000 1400


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