FP96Pro Fluorescent Spectrophotometer

F96 Pro Fluorescent Spectrophotometer

The measuring sensitivity of fluorescent spectrophotometry is 2-3 order higher than that of UV VIS spectrophotometry. It can offer the information of excitation & emission spectrum, light emitting intensity & life, quantum yield rate, fluorescence polarization etc. and a wide linear range of operating curve, so that it has become an important means involved in trace analysis.


* Whole aluminum metal alloy die-castings.
* The emission monochromator adopts 1200 line diffraction grating, its large aperture, and non-spherical reflecting mirrors produces extra high sensitivity.
* High stable and long life Xenon lamp and it’s power ensure high stable testing and the wide range of the spectrum.
* High-performance photomultiplier to gain best signal-noise ratio.
* Built-in SCM technology,auto 0% and auto background subtraction.
* 0-7 stage gain adjustment.
* Real-time fluorescence reading and concentration printout.
* Single-point sample concentration direct reading ability.
* Provide 2 working modes: main unit test mode and software test mode.
* Quantitative and qualitative software with PC, full automation, three regular functions, kinetics measurement, quantitative measurement and spectrum scan.

F96 Pro spectrophotometer Spec:

Light source 150W Xenon lamp (consumable part)
Excitation filter Filter character: ±5nm labeled
(An interference filter with center wavelength 365nm used as standard configuration. Users may separately purchase other dia.25mm interference filters with the center wavelength within 200-850nm range.)
Emission monochromator Emission monochromator wavelength range: (Em) 200~900nm
Wavelength accuracy within ±1nm
Wavelength repetition 0.5nm
Emission spectrum bandwidth: 10nm
S⁄N ratio S/N>150 (Using 1cm quartz sample cell, measure the signal noise ratio of Raman spectrum of water )
Check utmost 1×10-10 g/ml sulfuric acid quinine solution
Measure linearity >0.995
Peak value <1.5%
Zero line drift <0.3% (Within 10 minutes)
Upper limit change of indicating value ±1.5% (Within 10 minutes)
Power requirement 220V±22V 110V/60HZ
Dimensions 442×392×250mm
Net weight 11kg
Gross weight 13kg

Main instrument–1 set
365nm filter(Preassembled)–1 pc
F96PRO software package–1 set
Power cable–1 pc
USB wire–1 pc
Instruction manual–1 copy
Product quality certificate–1 copy
Fuse 2A–2 pcs
Fuse 5A–2 pcs
Quartz fluorescence sample cell10mm –1 pair
Packing list –1 copy

Optional Spare Parts and Accessories:
1.Fuses 2A 5A
2.200~850nm interference optical filter(φ25mm)
3.Quartz fluorescence sample cell10mm
4.Personal computer
5.Printer cable
6.Dedicated serial interface printer

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