ESR Tube (1.28ml)

10. Ø9×120mm ESR Tube     

Ø9×120mm ESR Tube is applicable to various Automated Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate Analyzers. Due to little volume and negative pressure inside the tube, it needs some time for blood collection. Do patiently wait until blood stops flowing into the tube. Then completely mix the anticoagulation and additive by turning the tube upside down for 6-8 times, Inappropriate mixing will cause hemolysis, coagulation or blood bubble and influence the test result.

Item No.
3.8% Sodium Citrate


ESR Fast Detector

● Main Features:
○ Better compatibility compared with Westergren method.
○ A safe, reliable and airtight operation during the whole process from blood collection to test, free of biological contamination.
○ Designed with spirit level of patent technology, which ensures the detector horizontal and aclinic.
○ 10 channels, synchronous operation allowed.
○ Only 30 minutes needed for reading, easy and fast.
○ Stainless steel soleplate with silicagel cushion on, which will avoid any noise or breakage when the ESR tube being placed.

● How to Use:
○ Carry out the venous blood collection according to standard requirements with 9x120mm ESR vacuum tube.
○ Immediately invert the tube at 180 degrees for 6-8 times to achieve thorough mixing, which will avoid hemolysis, clotting or blood bubble.
○ At the room temperature of around 20℃,vertically place the ESR tube containing blood sample onto the detector, note down the starting
time and relevant numbers. Keep the detector still for 30 minutes and then read the millimeter of erythrocyte sedimentation.
○ Detailed reading method: Keep it stable for 30min, align the plasma concave in ESR tubes to the zero scare of the detector. Then, read the
data by aligning the upper surface of erythrocyte to the scale on the detector. (See as the schematic diagram)
● Notice:
○ Before operation, the ESR fast detector should be put on a steady platform and adjusted to be horizontal with knobs below the soleplate.
○ The ESR tubes should be kept vertical during the whole sedimentation process, angle of inclination should not be more than 3°. Orelse, the
testing result will be of large deviation.
○ Keep the room temperature at 20±5℃, sedimentation time 30±2min.


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