EMP-168 Chemistry Analyzer

EMP-168 Chemistry Analyzer


* Windows-based user-friendly interface.
* W 7″ TFT adjustable LCD with Back Light.
* Air purge between samples to avoid carry over.
* Support RS-232, USB, Ethernet and SD card.
* External Temperature controlled 10 positions incubator (37ºC)

Friendly Interface:

* Windows CE.NET operation system.
* Angle adjustable LCD.
* Built-in printer and optional external printer.
* USB mouse, virtual screen keyboard, and a built-in membrane keyboard.
* Connect PC via RS-232 to transfer and print the data

Measure system:

* Absorbance, Single standard, Differential samples.
* Factor mode, Kinetic mode (Continuously or simultaneously).
* Immunity Nephelometry measure method.
* Reagent blank and a sample blank.
* Multi-standards (linear or none – linear)
* Memory for reagent blank

Flow Cell/ Cuvette:

* 21µl quartz flow cell.
* Built-in bottom position localizer.
* Two-holder for cuvette/ flow cell.
* Peltier temperature controlled high precision micro flow cell.
* Vacuum pump at 18 cm of Hg
* Thermostatically Controlled Cuvette holder at 25ºC, 30ºC & 37ºC

Optical System:

* Halogen Tungsten lamp with automatic lamp saver.
* 8 positions filter- wheel.
* 6 filters (340nm-700nm) plus 2 free positions.

Powerful Software:

* Power on self-check and malfunction alarm.
* Lamp automatic protection, user-defined setting time.
* Real-time absorbance curve and temperature display.
* Open system for the reagent.
* Support online printing.
* Multiform reports by project, patient or history data.
* Support user-defined template test.


Optics 340, 405, 505, 545, 580, 630nm, Two more optional filter
Light source Halogen tungsten 6V/10W
Resolution 0.001Abs
Photometric range 0.000-3.500Abs
Director Silicon photodiode
Stability of absorbency Changes< 0.005 Abs per hour
Repeatability CV< 0.5%
Carryover <1%
Linearity R>0.999
Flow cell 21 µl with Peltier temperature control (25º C, 30ºC, 37ºC)
Aspiration Volume 250 µl (min)
Purge Vacuum pump at 18 cm of Hg
Display 7” TFT LCD
Memory 200 test programs and over 100,000 test results
Printer Built-in thermal printer 55 column & optional external printer
Data Communication RS-232, SD card and USB
CPU High speed embedded processor
Power supply 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Weight  7 Kg
Dimension (mm) 420(L) x 310(W) x152 (H)

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