DD5 Liquid Canned Emptying Centrifuge

Type: Special Centrifuge


  1. The simple design of the section, with appropriate curve embellishment, makes the appearance of the whole machine beautiful and beautiful.
  2. The outer shell is sprayed, and it is strictly in accordance with the standard. After pickling and phosphating, and using high-quality plastic powder, the surface of the machine is beautiful, wear-resistant, not easy to paint, and easy to clean.
  3. Motor and control system:
  4. The high-power motor for the centrifuge is used, which runs smoothly and has low noise.
  5. The special control system developed according to the working principle of the centrifuge is beneficial to the running state of the whole machine, prolongs the service life, improves the separation quality, and greatly improves the work efficiency.
  6. Easy to operate: color screen display, the distribution of various parameters is simple. Touch and button combination to make the operation more convenient.
  7. The dedicated centrifugal force automatically calculates the function keys, and the instantaneous centrifugation function makes your work more precise and easy.

Safety performance

The machine is designed in strict accordance with the national safety standard of the centrifuge. The multi-layer high-strength steel plate ensures the strength of the whole machine. The closed part of the door cover is equipped with a high-performance sealing ring to ensure that the leakage can not be pulled out of the centrifugal cavity.
The motor door lock prevents the cover from being mishandled and ensures that liquids and debris will not be injurious when there is an accident such as a split pipe.

Machine structure

Stainless steel rotor and hanging cup, anti-corrosion and durable. The horizontal rotor design, the rotor is in the horizontal position during operation, greatly improving the separation efficiency and separation quality. The hanging cup is symmetrical and safe, durable and does not deform.
The centrifugal circulation air duct design adopts a small temperature rise in the centrifugal chamber to ensure the safety of the sample and greatly prolong the service life of the machine.
The machine adopts two-stage shock absorption structure, the sample only needs to be visually balanced, and the maximum unbalance can reach 50g.


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