Climate Incubator


Widely applicable to the growth of plants and tissue culture, seed germination, seedling, microbial cultivation test; Insects small animals breeding; Water quality monitoring of determining BOD; Medicinal materials, timber, building materials aging and use life test, as well as other USES of illumination, temperature, and humidity of special test equipment.


1.The shell is made from fashion aluminium alloy, beautiful and easy, internal use mirror stainless steel production, four corners round solitary processing, can adjust clapboard, the user operation more simple.

2.Adopted advanced MCU programmable technology temperature control, can be installed incubator of various parameters (including temperature and light).

3.Using hollow reflection tempered coating glass, adiabatic performance is good beautiful and easy.

4.Reliable security, instrument has many make interference measures, and have overtemperature protection heat, thermal resistance short-circuit protection, compressor delay protection.

5.Dosing multispectral when the mouth plant growth lamp, be helpful for culture growth, improve make disease resistance.

6.Imported compression, stainless steel water jacket. Digital display, microcomputer automatic control.

7.Microcomputer control, timing or continuity work party or can choose, multiple programmable control, can be customized 30 period of temperature, humidity, Settings, humidity for 10-90% RH.

8.Type A: each surface 3 root plant lamp (2 surface); Type B: each surface 9 root plant lamp (2 surface); Type C: each surface 12 root plant lamp (2 surface) ;Type D: each surface 12 root plant lights (3 surface).

9.With light, heat and cold day and night temperature, automatic switching procedures and overtemperature protection to simulate the natural climate.

10.Humidifying range 40-90% RH (depending on the temperature and decide), humidity automatic control.

Technical Parameter:

Model  BJPX-A1000C  BJPX-A1500C
Volume 1000L 1500L
 Environmental conditions Temperature 0-50℃
Maximum relative humidity <80%
Illumination power 22000LUX 22000LUX
Power voltage AC220±10V,50HZ±1HZ
Temperature range 5℃-60℃
Humidity control range 40-90%RH
Humidity sensor HM1500
Temperature Accuracy 0.1℃
Volatility ±0.5℃
Uniformity ±0.5℃
Controller Digital display,touch,microprocessor temperature control with fuzzy PID control technology
Sensor PT100
Time 0-9999min
Humidifier external
Material Internal Mirror stainless steel
External Aluminium alloy
Size Internal 1300×640×1250 1960×640×1250
External 1400×690×1985 2020×700×1980
Light intensity(lx) 22000 (2 surface) 22000 (2 surface)
Power consumption 2100 2180
Rack position 6 9



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