CJ-1D Series Laminar Flow Cabinet (Vertical Type)

Laminar Flow Cabinet (Vertical Type)

Vertical flow, airflow direction in the work space down from top to bottom.


  • Vertical laminar flow, with SUS 304 stainless steel bench board, effectively prevents external air into the cleaning work environment.
  • High quality low noise centrifugal fan ensures the stable speed, touch type air flow control system, the five sections wind speed control.
  • High quality filter ensures dust can be filtered more than 0.3um.

Main Technical Parameters:

Model CJ-1D CJ-1S CJ-2D CJ-2S
Applicable Station one person one side one operator two sides two persons one side two operators two sides
Airflow Direction Vertical
Cleanliness Class 100
Collection Efficiency ≥ 99.9% of 0.5um particle
Colony Count ≤ 0.5/vessel (petri dish is Φ 90mm)
Wind Speed initial:0.6 (m/s), final; 0.2 (m/s)
Wind Speed Range 0.2-0.6 (m/s)
Noise Level ≤ 62db
Vibration Semi-Peak
≤ 3um
Illumination Intensity
≥ 300LX (Activity Center)
Work Surface Bearing 50kg
Inner Chamber Stainless steel plate
Outer Shell Cold rolling steel electrostatic spraying exterior
Operation door Tempered Glass
HEPA Filter (mm) 820*600*50 one piece 610*610*50 two pieces
Pre-Filter (mm) 520*490*5 one piece 520*490*5 two pieces
Flourescent Lamp 20W*1 30W*1
UV Lamp 20W*1 30W*1
Top Fan 300W one piece 300W two pieces
Display LED
Wind Speed Control Intelligent multi-level adjustable
Additional Function The bottom horizontal adjustment, one key to open and closer lighting sterilization
Inner Size
780*670*550 780*780*550 1310*710*550 1310*790*550
Exterior Size
935*725*1690 935*780*1690 1487*733*1690 1487*788*1690
Packing Size
1100*900*1840 1100*900*1840 1655*905*1840 1655*960*1840
Max Power 0.4kW 0.8kW
Current Rating
AC220V/1.8A AC220V/3.6A
NW/GW kg 160/225 165/230 200/305 205/310



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