Carbon & Sulfur Analyzer


High-frequency Infrared Carbon & Sulfur Analyzer can determine the percentage of carbon and sulfur in steel, iron, alloy, nonferrous metal, cement, mineral, glass and other material.

Analysis software

Using Delphi software compiler, WINDOWS XP, Win7, Win8, Win10 system.

Using the drop-down menu and shortcut operation, With the functions of multi-user administrator, curve fitting, coefficient correction, treatment of results, printing, system diagnosis and others.

Infrared detecting pool

Gold-plating carbon sulfur analysis pool and high precision of pyroelectric infrared detector.

New platnum infrared light source, heating duration, spectral characteristics of high efficiency. Microstepping motor, good thermal stability.

High precision pump

In response to the input pressure change, to ensure that the analysis of gas flow. Constant output, so as to ensure the stable and reliable analysis results.

Control circuit

Double CPU modular design, high integration, stable and reliable. 24 bit high speed sampling chip, high sampling precision.

High frequency oscillating circuit

Current / Voltage / Power / Choosing the way to regulate the furnace temperature, suitable to various materials of samples.

Technical Specification:

Working Principle High-frequency inductive combustion and infrared absorption system
Sample Weight (Solid steel) Standard 0.5g
Accuracy C/S: 0.1ppm
Analysis Time 20~100s adjustable (normally: 35s)
Working Cycle 24 hours

The difference betweenBK-CSA5 and BK-CSA6:

Appearance Desktop detector, with desktop high-frequency furnace, save space Separate work station, with vertical high-frequency furnace
Analysis Range C: 0.0005%~6.0000%

(can be extended to 99.999%)

S: 0.0005%~0.35000%

(can be extended to 99.999%)

C: 0.0001%~10.0000%

(can be extended to 99.999%)

S: 0.0001%~2.0000%

(can be extended to 99.999%)

Analysis Pool 2 pools 2 pools (optional 4 pools)
Consumption 2.2KW 2.5KW
Power Supply AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz
Package Size (W*D*H) 1380*760*980mm 1550*750*910mm, 740*580*1410mm
Gross Weight 200kg 330kg
Standard Accessories Main unit, high frequency automatic inductive combustion furnace, electric balance, computer, printer
1000 times effective analysis of spare parts



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