BX-BSC-1300IIB2-COMPACT Biosafety Cabinet

Product Model: BX-BSC-1300IIB2-Compact

The bio safety cabinet is a negative pressure safety device which widely used in microbiology, biomedicine, gene recombination, animal experimental and biological products for scientific research, teaching, clinical examination and production. It adopts advanced air purification technology and negative pressure box design, and it realizes the protection of the environment, users and samples. It is the most basic safety equipment in laboratory biosafety protection.

Split style structure, the de-mountable rack has move able truckles and balance adjusting screw rods which make move agilely and location reliably.

LCD screen displays measured parameters;
The latest constant wind speed technology with the functions of automatic tracking and adjusting output control;
USA wind speed sensor and differential pressure sensor, sensitive and precise;
Pre-install alarm technology of filter invalidation and dilapidation, when filter is close to invalidation or has been invalidated and wind resistance enhances and filter is dilapidated, it will alarm with sound and light automatically;
Interlock of UV light and lamp, sound and light alarm of safe height of front window and device of auto-stop when front window is closed;
HEPA offers a filtration efficiency of 99.99% for 0.3μm particulate;
5°tilt front window meets the human engineering principle which weakens the dazzle;
Toughened glass front window which is anti-explosion, shatterproof and uvio resistant;
Working chamber is made of SUS304 with arc angle design which is convenient to clean the residues;
Move able SUS304 operation table-board which is firm, durable and easy to clean;
Equipped with anti spray socket, air and water source interfaces;
EBM centrifugal fan, life is longer, the wind speed is stronger and more steady;
Be equipped with the reservoir below the table-board, the lower is a blowdown valve which is easy to clean and let out;
Be equipped with exhaust hood and the exhaust duct; options: exhaust fan.

Model: BX-BSC-1300IIB2 (Compact Type)

Display:  LCD screen displays wind speed and pressure
Suitable Number of People: Single
Cleanliness Class: Class 100 (FED 209E)≥0.5µm≤3.5 grain/L
Inflow Air Velocity: 0.69m/s
Down Airflow Velocity: 0.35m/s
Down Airflow Precision:   ±0.015 m/s
Pressure Difference Display Range:  0-500pa
Noise:   ≤65db
Vibration Half Peak Value:  ≤5μm
Illuminance: ≥650Lx
Ambient Temperature: 10-30℃
Relative Humidity: ≤70%(25℃时)
Atmospheric Pressure:  80-105Pa
Working Zone (mm):  1000×500×640
Overall Size (mm): 1120×925×1585
Inflow HEPA (mm): 1026×606×70
Exhaust HEPA (mm): 482×515×90
Lamp/UV Light: 30W×②/18W×①
Power (Kw): 1.3KW
Power Supply: AC220±10V  50/60Hz

Notes: The overall size doesn’t include the rack, the height of rack is 650mm.

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